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Poi - glow and fire poi! Now in Milwaukee there's a teacher, a place you can learn to spin fire, dance with poi, take lessons from a Temple of Poi Certified Instructor. You Are spHERE offers classes in poi, from the beginner level through advanced.
What is the You Are spHERE philosophy?

You're lost. You come across a map with a little star on it that says You Are HERE. Ah, now you know where you are; you're not lost anymore!

Have you been looking for something new to do, something creative, and a new community of people that's fun and engaging? What is it you're looking for? Where can you find this new and different thing?

You Are spHERE

When you practice poi, you create spheres around your body. The poi can be a sphere itself. You can surround and encompass yourself in the sphere of poi.

When you practice poi, you are nowhere else but here in the moment, focusing, concentrating, conscious and mindful of your body, your surroundings, your mind. All the universe distills down into your own sphere while you learn, while you dance with poi. Simply put, You Are spHERE.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin's premier poi fire spinning and fire dancing instructor, Marilyn Besasie, aka Russian Wulfgar, teaches the flow art of poi for beginners and advanced students alike. Get instruction in group classes or private customized lessons geared towards getting you flowing with poi. Dance with other spinners at your level, and perform with both fire and glow poi. Learn how to make your own poi and get all the information you need to perform safely with fire, in your own backyard or in front of an audience of thousands.Find yourSELF in the sphere, and then use your newly-found sphere of influence to experience the rest of your life.